Our focus includes:

  • Designing and helping conduct novel clinical trials for investigating potential cancer therapies
  • Collaborating with public health research teams on complicated hierarchical, multifaceted health problems
  • Training the next generation of biostatisticians, bioinformaticists and data scientists in methodological, collaborative and leadership skills

We offer research services to VCU peers, including study design, data analytics and education. Learn more about our Biostatistical Consulting Laboratory or request services below.

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Biostatistical Consulting Laboratory

Our consulting laboratory model is designed to simultaneously provide high quality service and train the next generation of researchers.

Faculty Research

Our faculty are actively engaged in research centers across VCU and serve as principal investigators on federally funded grants and contracts. Learn more about their expertise and how to engage them in your proposals.

Data Coordinating Center

You can't analyze what you don't collect.  Let our expert team sweat the data capture logistics so you can focus on the science.

By the Numbers - Computing Cluster



Intel Xeon 2.67GHz to 3.6GHz



Dell Power Edge



Random Access Memory



Shared high-speed storage



InfiniBand network speed

Computing Cluster

We support our research and graduate programs with a 1336-core Linux Beowulf Cluster.  Software installed on the cluster includes: R 3.4.1 with the latest CRAN and BIOCONDUCTOR packages; C+/G+; Fortran, AVA, Perl, Python and Biopython compilers; SAS-9.4 for Linux 64bit; PLINK; HAPLO; Mathematica; and PBS Pro 12.1 (a portable batch system for clusters). Additional open source software is available upon request.

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Investigators are encouraged to request assistance several weeks or months before deadlines such as conference presentations to ensure enough time for collaboration.

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