Here to Help

Please contact Carrie Boyd, Department Administrator, or Cindy Sabo, Scientific Administrator, if you intend to include one of our faculty, staff or students on your grant proposal. They will verify salary information, provide any needed cost share authorizations, and facilitate setting up the mandatory subaccount.

Including Our Personnel on a RAMS-SPOT Proposal

Subaccounts are required for ALL proposals which include Biostatistics faculty, students, or staff.

Funding Proposal

  • Proposal Title and Contacts section, question 6: Units with View Access - Please make sure “Biostatistics” is checked.
  • Personnel section: Add the relevant Biostatistics personnel that you wish to include on the proposal.

Primary Budget

  • Budget Characteristics section, question 3: Will this budget have Cost Sharing (including salary cap)? Choose YES if you are including a Biostatistics member who will need cost-sharing. See Cost Share Budget section on next page.
  • Budget Characteristics section, question 9: If this project is awarded, will there be internal subaccounts? Choose YES. Selecting “yes” will create the subaccounts section which you will populate later in the Primary Budget.
  • Subaccounts section, Internal Subaccounts: click the ADD button. This will bring up a box that asks for the following information:
    • Unit: select Biostatistics as the “Unit”.
    • Direct Costs: Populate the amount of direct costs including salary, fringe, and any non-personnel costs for the subaccount. If you need budget information, please contact Carrie Boyd or Kelly Sullivan.
    • Indirect Costs: Populate the indirect costs related to the direct costs based on the current approved rate for the specified Sponsor.
    • Comments: Add any relevant comments.

Routing for Approval

  • Route for Approval section, question 2: Select which units should approve this proposal - The PI should check the Medicine box so the proposal is routed to the School of Medicine.

Cost Share Budget

If you answered “Yes” to Question 3 in the Primary Budget, Budget Characteristics section for a Biostatistics member, a new budget form will appear in the “Working Budgets” section of the Funding Proposal.

  • Personnel Costs – Cost Sharing section, Salary over Cap CS Dept; Choose Biostatistics. This section is where you get the calculations for the cost sharing details section below so make a note of these totals.
  • Cost Sharing Details section, question 1: Enter Department/Unit Cost Sharing Allocation; Click ADD.
    • Department: select Biostatistics
    • Total Dollars: Populate the amount you noted from personnel costs above.
  • Attachments for Internal Purposes section, click ADD to include the cost-share authorization form signed by Biostatistics.