From facilitating randomization to completing progress reports, we have a solution.  We leverage the right tools for the job, often pairing custom code with the institutionally accepted REDCap platform, to meet regulatory challenges and investigator needs.

Data Capture Design

With the endgame in mind, we work to capture data in analysis-ready formats that minimize end-of-study surprises

Operational Dashboarding

Fashioning systems that allow busy investigators and coordinators to stay on top of tasks


Our personnel have managed multiple multicenter studies, and are well versed in navigating cross-site differences in procedure and personality.  We have implemented solutions that allow recruitment sites appropriate access to their own data, while presenting holistic views to the management team.

Data Coordinating Center Spotlight: KASTpain

Multi-site data management for knee replacement surgery interventions

Our team designed and implemented a data management solution to support screening, randomization, intervention tracking, and follow-ups for this three-arm study across five clinical sites.

Custom web-based tools augmented the REDCap data capture platform to provide coordinator dashboarding, blinded randomization, scheduling, intervention audio recordings, and real-time reporting.

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